My Favorite Health Hacks

So, when it comes to staying healthy, what are your go to’s? Mine are pretty simple, so I thought I would share.  As you flow through the list, I’ve added some links in case you want to check out some of these services and products for yourself!

  1. See a Functional Medicine MD for your next check up. – An FM Dr. does extensive blood work and normally has a nutritionist on staff. They seek to find the root cause of  issues and are not there to offer band-aids of medication to treat symptoms although they will, if necessary. Super place to go for heart issues, diabetes, and for women with hormone issues .  Find a functional medicine MD in your area by clicking here.

  2. Thermography Scans – This infrared heat sensing scan is totally free of cancerous radiation. Thermagraphs  are additional tools best used in between your other breast screenings, but not in lieu of.   They are also perfect for younger women who are under the age category for their first mammogram. Find out more about Thermography Screening here.

  3. Interval training each morning.  I do my interval  training online for 7 minutes (yes, 7 minutes) 3-4 times per week.  It is the perfect exercise program for a busy life.  It gets  my metabolism going and burns fat!  Here’s some great information from the Mayo Clinic about interval training .  My program is called One and Done and you can find it on

  4. Participation in Yoga exercise is great for the body!  Yoga stretches and aligns the body, like no other exercise does.  It also strengthens and lengthens muscles and is phenomenal for the back and for the core.   Here are some great yoga exercises for the back. Remember though…always consult your Dr. before beginning any exercise program!

  5. I enjoy Walking and hiking with family or with my furry friends LOL! Walking and hiking outdoors clears the mind and relieves mental stress. When I see a beautiful sunset or gorgeous flowers that only God could create, I am in a state of gratefulness and that’s a good place to be in such a crazy time that we are living in right now! Read here about the health benefits of walking.

  6. Our family enjoys a Pea Protein shake each morning. There are lots of brands out there. The best ones contain many fruits and veggies, minerals and vitamins. The one I like is Orgrain’s Organic Nutrition Vegan All in One Nutritional Shake. It has 16 grams of protein and 25 vitamins and minerals. We order them in bulk off.   I’ve also found them at Whole Foods, or Sprouts. 

  7. As a nutrition consultant, I have learned to limit my sugar, dairy, and caffeine intake big time!! These three items contribute to a whole list of health issues that people deal with on a regular basis. From aching joints, blood sugar issues, weight gain, fatigue, skin breakouts, over active bladders, fibroid cysts, mucus build up in the body, etc., etc., the list goes on and on. Here’s a great article about how too much caffeine effects the body. It has a wonderful diagram that shows each body system and how caffeine affects  it.

  8. I incorporate extra fiber into my diet each day by eating apples or using flax meal in my morning cereal or my fruit smoothies. Fiber is king to battle constipation, cholesterol, colon issues, and bacteria build up. It lowers your risk of type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. Read this important article on fiber. 

  9. For mental health, I feed my mind good things daily, instead of things that bring on fear, disillusionment, stress, anger, and frustration. When I think on positive things, I begin to be positive and less critical. Being joyful in the journey, matters to your mental health! Fixing your mind on good things keeps you sane!  I love this verse about what we should think on.  Philippians 4:8

  10. Finally, my most important  health hack is to deepen my faith in God through worship, prayer, and Bible reading. Believing in Jesus and having truth to follow, keeps my life less complicated and stress free.  I don’t have to guess what’s right or wrong or try to control the future.   It’s amazing how much research there is about faith affecting health positively. It’s good for the body, mind as well as the spirit. Here’s some interesting information on how faith affects cancer patients.

Well, those are my Health Hacks.  What are yours?  Please share!!! 


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