Intentional Eating

Price: $130

Learn to be mindful when you eat to achieve your personal health goals. Three counseling sessions that will change your life!

Ever wonder why you are still hungry after eating a delicious meal or how you could eat a whole bag of chips and not even remember the taste or feel a cue of fullness in your stomach to make you stop? Welcome to intentional eating. In this four-week program, we will learn life-enhancing health, nutrition, and wellness techniques in mindful eating that will curb the appetite, reset your digestive tract, and give you more control over impulsive eating habits.

Brain Fix

Price: $130

Do you suffer from a lack of focus, ADHD, anxiety, or an overworked mind?

If so, this life-changing three counseling session program will give you key nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle components to embrace for a healthier, happier work life, home life, and social life.

Learn medical, spiritual and personal reasons that play a huge role in how one copes with their unique personality and giftedness. As well, learn how to utilize organizational tools too better assist you with your condition.

Breaking Free 2023 Retreat

Price $300

IIf you live in the Atlanta metro area or in the surrounding outlying areas and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired due to endless junk food staycations, then this LIVE weekend event is for you! Kick bad habits into the past and start your future with healthy habits, nutrition, wellness, exercise, and lifestyle changes that will last. Begin your journey to better health with Breaking Free 2023.

Homeschool Health, Nutrition and Hygiene

Price: $150

Fun and energetic videos as well as an on-line textbook based extra-curricular, homeschool unit study coming soon that teaches students ages 10 and up guidelines for health, nutrition, safety, and hygiene found in the Bible that will tangibly help them to thrive.

Healthy Family Living Program For Parents (HFLP)

Price: $180

The Healthy Family Living Program, coming in January 2024, teaches you how to successfully instill healthy habits into your own life as a parent first and then bring others in the family on board without struggle. This four-session counseling program is especially for those with busy lives, and who are short on time. It’s also for those who might even hate to cook and/or eat out a lot, but want to do better nutritionally for their family. The program includes sections on feeding the family, getting the family to move physically, and instilling healthy habits, traditions, and routines that promote and encourage good mental health, physical health, as well as disease prevention from head to toe.

Cost includes videos and Power Point pdfs for each session as well as handouts and resource links.