Healthy Living Business Services

Nutrition and Healthy Living Education

Since beginning my consulting practice, I have enjoyed working with people within the community to educate and equip them to manage their wellness and nutritional needs. I am certified to teach the following evidence based programs:

Chronic Disease Self Management
Chronic Diabetes Self Management

If you are interested in any of these amazing programs, contact Georgia Health Matters to sign up!

Additionally, I have the joy of creating and teaching my own programs that cover topics such as:

  • Intentional eating
  • Breaking free from food addictions
  • Family health
  • Heart healthy cooking
  • Emotional eating
  • Menu planning
  • How to form healthy habits
  • Positive ways to relieve stress

Health and Wellness Packages

As a Certified Nutrition Counselor, I serve the small business community by providing health and wellness packages for employees or tenants through the following:

  • Quarterly group lunch ‘n’ learns
  • Nutrition and wellness screenings
  • Monthly health challenges
  • Health and wellness consultations for both food service and space/place
  • Health and wellness copy writing services

Healthy Living Services for Small Businesses and Organizations

Small Business Employee Wellness Packages

In today’s economy, small businesses need affordable solutions to show care and concern for their employees. Other than health insurance, savings plans, and time off for this or that, what can you do for employees that is life changing and would be considered by your employees to be a true benefit?

That’s where we come in! We offer programming for your employees that encourage wellness and chronic disease prevention. Our life-changing health and wellness programs service small businesses that have up to 100 employees. We offer personalized packages that include:

  • Quarterly health, wellness, and nutrition lunch ‘n’ learns
  • Monthly health challenges
  • Nutrition and wellness screenings by a registered RN
  • Monthly printed or online newsletters
  • Yearly health expos
  • Health and wellness copy writing services

You can pick and choose what you would like to offer to your employees based on your budget. Then we work to make you and your employees happy and healthy!

For information on our small business health and wellness packages, please click here.

Small Business Healthy Food Service Consulting

The food you provide to your employees should not only be delicious, but it should provide the nutrition that employees need on a daily basis to ensure good health.

The process is first to analyze what you are doing right and then provide assistance and recommendations for improvement. We are not looking to tear down the good things that you’ve already built but rather to enhance and add to them.

Business-to-Business Partnerships

If you do not currently offer food service, or it is not affordable to do so, we offer strategic business-to-business partnerships to provide and encourage healthy snack/lunch alternatives for your employees along with employee patronage discounts.

For an overall health and wellness assessment of food service, please book a consultation by clicking below.

Small Business Healthy Space and Place Consulting

For your office space and place, we help you help employees to feel comfortable working in a healthy environment. Again, our role is not to tear down, but to build upon your establishment and grow your environment and culture into a space and place that encourages healthy living.

This could involve the chairs you provide to your employees to sit in, the break area where they are allowed to unwind, the daily routine of employees at work, what the light & nature exposure is right outside the four walls of your building and the general atmosphere inside in relationship to smell, color, and lighting.

For an overall health and wellness assessment of your office space and place, please click below to book a consultation.

Organization/Group Health and Wellness Programming

Stephanie Wilkins, CNC provides health and wellness programming for your small business, club, homeschool co-op, church, retreat, organization or group. Personalized to meet the needs of your audience, Stephanie Wilkins, CNC is a health education specialist that will enlighten, entertain and educate during her presentations. View a sample teaching here.

Past events include talks related to:

  • Mindful Eating
  • Emotional Eating
  • Breaking Free of Food Addiction
  • Heart Healthy Cooking Tips
  • Brain Fix – Calming Anxiety, Stress and ADHD so that you can FOCUS
  • Family Health 101
  • The Insider’s Guide to Gluten-Free Living
  • Cooking for Children and with Children
  • Lifestyle Exercise
  • Your Health, Your Personality!
  • Establishing Routine in Your Life for Maximum Focus
  • Menu Planning and Meal Prep

Client Praise for Stephanie Wilkins, CNC

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Are you ready to begin your healthy living journey?

If you are interested in any of our packages for small businesses or courses for yourself, a group, or an organization, let’s chat today!

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