The Trade Deal of a Lifetime! Animal Protein for Plant Based Protein.

This election year, there’s one thing for certain….not 1 candidate is personally concerning themselves with the food you are putting in your own body. It’s on you and me to be our own trade deal negotiators and trade all that artery hardening, plaque building, heart stopping animal protein for plant protein and watch the results start to multiply in our bodies!

What benefits do we receive when we make this incredible trade and what is the evidence of proof?

* More energy –
* Clarity of mind
* Reduced cancer risk
* Increased heart health
* Weight Loss
* Relief from Constipation and IBS
*Better sleep
*Less prone to bacterial or viral infection
*Longer Life Span

The Evidence:

The evidence of this trade spans worldwide. Here in the United states, recently quoted in the Journal of the American Heart Association, in August of 2019 it was quoted that “Plant‐Based Diets Are Associated With a Lower Risk of Incident Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiovascular Disease Mortality, and All‐Cause Mortality in a General Population of Middle‐Aged Adults

In the 1980’s sixty five rural counties in China were studied for their dietary, lifestyle and disease characteristics. It was deemed The China Study. Within each county selected, 2 villages and 50 families were chosen. One adult from each household (half men and half women). There was a total of 6,500 people for the entire survey that participated. The study was published in Chen, J., Campbell, T.C., Li, J., Peto, R. Diet, Lifestyle and Mortality in China. A Study of the Characteristics of 65 Chinese Counties. A joint publication of: Oxford University Press, Cornell University Press and The People’s Medical Publishing House. A summary of the largest nutrition study ever published concurred the following: Heart disease can be reversed through nutrition and cancer cells can be turned off . Their research also showed that a plant based diet may protect you from diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, bone, kidney, eye, and brain diseases.

The Blue Zone Study project launched in 2004, which is still making waves around the world began as a study to uncover lessons from the World’s longest living individuals. It was concluded that there are 5 places around the world where people consistently live over 100 years old. These places are: Loma Linda, CA, USA; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; and Okinawa, Japan. All of these places have a plant centered way of eating. Their diet’s protein content consists mainly of beans, including fava, black, soy, and lentils, Meat is only eaten an average of 5 times per month and their serving sizes of meat are normally about 3 to 4 oz.

As it relates to immune function, a randomized controlled trial study entitled “The Aging and Dietary Intervention Trial” was performed in the United States in 83 healthy volunteers aged 65-85 who had low fruit and vegetable intake. 82 subjects completed the intervention. Participants were to either eat their normal diet or to consume fruits and vegetables for 16 weeks. At week 12 two vaccinations were given to them. A tetanus vaccine and a Pneumonia vaccine. The FV intake was monitored using food journals and the biomarkers of their nutritional status was assessed. Their conclusions were based the antibody response to the vaccines.  In older adults who had the Pneumvax II vaccine and added fruits and vegetables to their diets there was an evident improvement in the vaccination antibody response which they linked to the achievable dietary goal of improved immune function.”

And….the studies go on and on! Too numerous to state, giving overwhelming evidence that this trade is a great one to make! Don’t give away all meat though. Negotiate the trade deal and keep the easier to digest meats such as chicken and turkey and also include fish a few times per month in along with double doses of fruits, legumes, and vegetables every day. This gives you the benefits of both!

Nutrition trade talks and trade deals are real and necessary to have with ourselves to secure personal health. Since we are already at the table talking about this,. it’s time to sign a deal, don’t you think? Here’s to a plant based diet, a healthier life and a longer life with those we love! It’s a done deal!

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  1. Cheers? It works for me. I have been negoitaing my diet for a while mow. Meats are basically eliminated to fish or turkey and chicken sometimes. Some red meats I understand has a role in proteins,(?),but, if for some reason I do eat some, my digestion knows it. Having a vegetable plate is ordinary for me. Decently, tried beet leaves and stems first time. Not bad.

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