Holiday Stress Relief

We all get emotional during the holidays. I would say this one will be even more so, with a lot of people grieving over the loss of friends or loved ones and/or many experiencing separation anxiety. What can we do to calm the nerves and to help us relax that is also healthy and healing? Here are some helpful tips and some links.

a. It may have been awhile, but pick up the Bible tonight and read the hope of the Christmas story to yourself and then continue reading the entire book of John. It will bless you.

b. Pray to God, and embrace His truth that you are truly never alone. Remember you are loved. Tell yourself this truth over and over. 1 John 4:9-11 If lies keep coming into your mind tonight that are accusing you, making you feel guilty, and reminding you of past failures, replace them with truth found in the Bible to type in what your struggling with and it will return scripture after scripture to you to win the battle of your mind. Always battle falsehood with truth!!!

c. Relax by listening to some great instrumental music that you are not familiar with. Music is often used in therapy to calm the mind and to ease tension.

d. Hand write letters to your loved ones, expressing how much you love and miss them and then mail them on Christmas day. If you are grieving, a letter to your loved one who has passed will assist you in the grieving process. It is very, very therapeutic.…/living-with-healthy…/

e. Reach out to your elderly neighbors home alone on Christmas and see if they need anything.

f. Remember that no matter how much we worry over the future, it is about what we do in the present moment that matters. One positive step in front of the other is what brings change. So, concentrate on what you can do at this moment to make your life and the life of others that you have been blessed with a little bit better. Practice mindfulness.…/mindfulness-tricks-to…

g. Reach out for help if you need it. The Crisis Text Line lets you text your feelings to someone who cares. For US and Canada: text 741741. A counselor will text you back. Merry Christmas! Love you friends!!!

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