Family Meal Planning and Prep

Family Meal Planning and Meal Prep

Fixing meals for the family can be draining! If you pull double duty with kids and a job, it’s even harder because let’s face it, time is limited and the days are jam packed! For some great ideas on how to make it easier, watch my Family Meal Planning and Prep video! I made this video during COVID for virtual homeschool retreat.

Many families who work hard to give their kids a great education at home and/or at school will find this video helpful. I use it frequently in my practice as a Certified Nutrition Counselor. I work with many clients who ask for help in the kitchen.

In the video we cover the following: How to use a calendar, pantry purging, and keeping staple items on hand. We also discuss making your grocery list, planning delicious and nutritious meals, and lots of tips and tricks. All of these things combined, plus more, will make your breakfast, lunch and dinner prep a breeze!

After watching the video, if you need personal assistance getting started, please go to my contact page and set up a free consultation, and I will try to answer all your questions. With that said, let’s roll the video! Click below.

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