Pain Relief Product Review

Many times, people ask me about the products I use at home for health and wellness. Therefore, I decided to begin publishing product reviews for some of my favorites! Don’t worry, I am not an affiliate and I don’t sell these products. I’m just here to educate you. These reviews are designed to introduce you to good products that are safe, mostly natural, and that actually work. Monthly, we will review and discuss a variety of items for things like nursing a cold, immune support, pain relief, first aid, nutritional deficiencies, etc., and specifically, for each product, we will try to cover the following:

• What the product is used for
• How the product works
• Side effects
• Active ingredients
• Studies related to active ingredients
• The experience of using the product or the process involved

Natural Pain Relief Product Review

Today we will be doing a pain relief product review, and we are looking specifically at natural pain relief. Now, who hasn’t experienced some normal pain from time to time? I know I have!!! Mine is from sitting on the computer in a certain position for too long. Although, it could be from many things such as old injuries, exercise, or from straining a muscle. As well, it could even be from chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

For these types of pain relief, I have chosen to review Deep Blue by the Do Terra Wellness Group. I personally use this product and it definitely works for me. Like I said, I am constantly on the computer and my neck and shoulders agree that I need to be sitting in a different position most of the time! As well, it’s also worked wonderfully for my husband for muscle pulls and it’s a super great alternative to ibuprofen because of its’ natural ingredients, and ease of use.

Chasity Dedman, is an experienced wellness advocate for DoTerra. Many of her clients have had phenomenal results and she receives repeated orders many times over for this amazing product. It’s one of DoTerra’s finest! She explained to me that Deep Blue contains three potent ingredients that work very well for muscular pain. The top three ingredients in Deep Blue that I spoke to Ms. Dedman about are: Winter Green Leaf Oil, Camphor Bark Oil, and Menthol! Of course there are many other great essential oil ingredients in the cream, that I could go on and on about, but I will focus on these three.

Active Ingredients

The first one that we will look at is winter green leaf oil. According to this oil was used in the past by American Indians for treating back pain, arthritis, headaches, sore throats, and for fever. The potency of wintergreen oil is the same as aspirin. In fact, they come from the same plant family. 1 ml of wintergreen oil is actually equivalent to 1.4 g of aspirin.

Next, we have camphor bark oil. This amazing oil has been used for decades to relieve pain, irritation and itching. Some of you may remember the famous Campho Phinique that is still around to this day! My grandparents used it for everything related to first aid! Camphor is a terpine which is an organic plant compound that gives certain plants their amazing aroma. I’ve included a small study link about how a certain brand that utilized camphor bark oil mixed with other essential oils relieved muscular pain in a small group of participants.

Another potent, active ingredient in Deep Blue is Menthol. The Menthol works by masking the pain through cooling the skin while the other ingredients actually work to stop your pain, giving you a feeling of immediate relief. It’s very beneficial! Some other ingredients in Deep Blue that I really love too are: Eucalyptus leaf oil, capsicum + a lot more. I could go on and on! As well, the rub does contain normal stabilizers that keep it fresh for you to use. With all of these natural essential oil ingredients, it’s important to utilize the cream properly to receive the best results.

How To Use It

Here’s how I use the product! Normally, I bathe or shower first and then dry off really good. Then, I open up the tube and squeeze a small dab into my hand, or directly onto the muscle area I am treating. I then begin to work it into the muscles with clean hands. See my you tube video to watch me apply it. For less mess, I really like the deep blue stick! It’s especially great for travel because it’s just the right size. It glides on effortlessly! There’s no need to even touch it. You can just glide it over the area that you want to treat. It’s so nice to utilize a product this clean with virtually no side effects!

Side Effects

Although I couldn’t find any documented side effects, Chasity reminded me to always use safety and precaution when you’re using DoTerra products. And, of course, use only as directed on the packaging. This means to avoid overuse, which could burn the skin. Pregnant or lactating women should not use the product nor should children. As well, do not use on broken skin. Also, make sure to wash your hands really good after you use it to prevent getting it into the eyes, nose, or mouth. If you do get accidentally ingest the product, or you have an allergic reaction, contact your physician immediately.

How to Find This Product

If you are interested in trying Deep Blue, please give Chasity Dedman, Do Terra Wellness Advocate, a call and she can get you some. Additionally, you might end up utilizing it a lot, so if your interested, she can also share how to get this product at wholesale cost! This one is a little pricy, but in all reality, you really do get what you pay for! I don’t use any other brand of muscle rub cream! it’s worked extremely well for us.

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