New Year’s Resolutions with Stephanie Wilkins, CNC.

It is with great excitement that I end 2022 and begin 2023 with business growth and a gift of hope for all of you who will make New Year’s resolutions related to your health.

In 2013, I began as a ministry, entitled “No More Bandaids” to encourage, inform and educate people with Chronic disease and have enjoyed over the last 10 years being involved in the lives of others. I have served people in four different countries and over 15 states. In 2019, after going back to school and becoming a Board Certified Nutrition Counselor, I began taking on clients and teaching wellness classes that I created as well as evidence based classes that I am certified to facilitate. In ’23, I will continue these services, but am now officially launching as a wellness provider not only for individuals, but for organizations and small businesses in the Atlanta, GA area.

If you are in need, I am happy to provide your small business with quarterly lunch n learns, yearly wellness events tied to charity, wellness screenings, and bi-monthly wellness challenges + a lot more. It’s all tailored to the needs of your employees! As well, I will continue offering a wide range wellness courses, nutrition/wellness consulting and other services for individuals and small groups.

My gift to you!! A FREE SUPPORT GROUP has been created for all of you who will be making New Year’s resolutions related to health, diet, and exercise in 2023. Please join us so that you can receive encouragement, be a part of Facebook live pep rallies, and have a place to ask questions, receive answers, and learn new techniques to keep you focused on reaching those goals throughout the year! As well, you will receive 15% any wellness classes, you book in the new year, if you are ever interested in trying one out. You can click here to like my facebook page and to join the group.

I’m also very excited about my new website! Please take a look around while you are here!! With the help of Market Refined Media, located in GA, I think we’ve created a place that you will feel very at home and find informative. You can book all of your classes under the services tab. As well, you will see that I am offering a free 30 minute nutritional counseling service for old and new clients!

I look forward to serving you in 2023 and wish you a happy, healthy New Year! Let’s get those New year’s resolutions started right. Find me on Facebook today!

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