Join Us In January for a New Pathway To Wholeness Bible Study

PATHWAY 2 WHOLENESS LOGO WO SUBTITLE RGB 150X150HELLO FRIENDS!   Could you stand to lose a few pounds in 2016?  Are you tired of all those headaches after a late night at work?  What about that acid reflux that’s giving you fits?  Is the depression still lingering, even with the medication?  If you are ready to look at your personal physical and mental issues through a Biblical perspective, I’ve got some great news to share with you.  I’m excited to begin a new Pathway 2 Wholeness study in January!  We will begin a  daytime study as well as an evening study in the Dunwoody, Sandy Springs area (This includes those of you in Chamblee, Norcross, Doraville or Roswell).  SIGN UP HERE

Need for Program: Chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and other lifestyle-related illnesses can be linked not only to nutritional issues, but to unhealthy relationships with God, self and others.  Because of the many stresses of living in a fallen world,  many people find it difficult to fulfill their life purpose and take hold of the abundant life that Jesus desires for them.  SIGN UP HERE

Purpose of Program:  To equip YOU to live an abundant life with Christ!  P2W connects your mind and body with the Holy Spirit, to enable mental and physical healing. Even if you must continue to live with Chronic illness, through incorporating the key Biblical principles that will be taught, YOU will be able to spiritually transform and improve your whole-person health, bring glory to God through your life, and advance His Kingdom. SIGN UP HERE


  • Become aware of the connection between stress, relationship issues, and health.
  • Embrace Biblical and medical knowledge on how to live in right relationship with God, your self, and others.
  • Gain knowledge to develop healthier habits, beliefs and attitudes through 40 key Biblical principles.
  • Demonstrate the ability to make desired changes through the application and practice of Biblical, medical and nutritional principles.
  • Receive encouragement from your facilitator and share your experiences with others.

Length of Program: Two hour class, one time per week,  for a period of 1o weeks. – SIGN UP HERE

Here’s what my friend, Patricia Holbrook, had to say about the program:
“Five years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which forced me to change my eating habits and lifestyle. Then in 2012 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and that was a huge eye opener to me. It was time to re-evaluate my approach to health, both physical and spiritual. I started this Bible study with the intention to strengthen my resolve to follow a healthy life-style, but found so much more. Stephanie has enriched the material of this course with amazing books about physical and spiritual healing, continually pointing the participants to the One who truly heals and delivers, and how His Word is filled with insights about how we are to treat our bodies and minds. She continually pointed us to the true secret of a healthy life-style: Abiding In Christ. The discussions were rich and the fellowship with the other ladies was sweet. I looked forward to every Friday morning. I highly recommend it!”

Patricia Holbrook, Author, Faith Columnist,


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