Holiday tips from “The Insiders Guide to Gluten-Free Living”

photo-3Attention all my gluten-free friends!!!  Don’t let the holidays get you down.   You can do it.  If you have some parties to attend,  or you are cooking for Christmas, or New Year’s, here are a few easy tips to get you through the holidays!

  1. For fantastic Green Bean casserole – substitute gluten-free Cream of Mushroom soup by Pacific and make home-made french fried onions for the top using rice flour, milk (or unsweetened coconut milk) and egg for the batter instead of the canned kind.  If you would rather go for convenience – Lays Potato chips are delicious on top!
  2. The best gluten- free dressing is corn bread dressing!  Make two pans of corn bread using plain, non-GMO corn meal, mixed with brown rice flour for your base (use the recipe on the back of the corn meal for making the corn bread and just substitute the flour).   While that is cooking, saute up some onions and celery on the stove.  When soft, mix together with cornbread, six eggs, chicken broth, and don’t forget your spices (sage, or thyme, rosemary or all three!  Whatever you like.  Then bake it in the oven on 375 for an hour.  Check every 15 minutes and add chicken broth to keep it from getting dry!
  3. What about baking this year!  For a great pie crust option you can try this:  Use ramekins, and crushed gluten-free ginger snaps mixed with butter as  your crust.  Just add your topping.  Don’t forget the whipped cream!  Yummy!!!
  4. Host a party that is about “giving to others in need” instead of food.  Offer light/healthy snacks that everyone can eat and volunteer together!  One charity to consider is Hope for Haiti
  5. When attending parties, be on the look out for dips that may have been thickened with wheat starch.  Ask to read the bottle, if it’s not home made.
  6. Remember that  gluten-free is not sugar-free.  It’s easy to over-indulge during this time of year.  So be careful or you will have to make those crazy New Year’s Resolutions that everyone hates!!
  7. If you have a choice, be on the decorating committee instead of the food committee this year.  It’s a nice change of pace for gluten-free people to get their mind off of food!
  8. If you need a prepared cake or cupcakes in a hurry, these are my favorites right now:  American Grafrutti They are available at Whole Foods too!
  9. Don’t forget your enzymes for cross- contamination.  Better carry them in your purse and it’s good to take them 30 minutes prior or 30 minutes after your meal.
  10. Being gluten-free should give you a heart during the holidays for those who have other food related issues that are similar to yours.  Extend your hand at cooking for those who have other food issues such as dairy, nut, or soy intolerance.  They will appreciate your thoughtfulness!


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