More tips from Stephanie’s new “Insider’s GUIDE to the Gluten Free Life”


1.  Have your Folate levels checked through your Doctor.  Many people who are gluten intolerant have low folate levels.  This sometimes plays into the neurologic symptoms that manifest in celiac and gluten intolerant people.  Sometimes the low levels are genetic.

2.  If you or your children suffer from the mindset of “deprivation”, please get help.  Children who suffer from this mindset tend to eat the wrong things, eat too much, become greedy with their “special” foods, or hide food.  Begin this process by saying to yourself or teaching your children,  “I can, but I choose not to.”

3. It is now common knowledge that people with gluten intolerance or celiac suffer from leaky gut.  To repair leaky gut, you must be taking prebiotics as well as probiotics.

4.  Herbs and whole plants that are good for leaky gut are tumeric, rosemary and aloe.

5.  Try coconut oil instead of olive oil for pan frying your gluten-free breaded foods.  Very delicious.

6.  It’s easy to bake gluten-free.  Simply change out wheat flour for gluten-free brown rice flour for all your favorite recipes.   Make sure your baking powder is gluten-free too.   It’s a myth that you have to use a gluten-free mix

7.   Make sure your mayo is gluten free!  This really through me for a loop.  Who would have thought that some mayo contains gluten.

8.  Try American Grafrutti cupcakes!  They are simply the best.  To check them out or to order on-line click here.  If you live in the Atlanta area, they are available and reasonably priced at the Atlantis Health Food Store in Dunwoody.

9.  For trips, buy a small blender and bring a protein powder than can be mixed with water.  You can make it in your hotel coffee pot, so that you won’t be tempted by all the breads at the continental breakfast buffet.  This was a life saver for me on a mission trip!

10.  Join a gluten-free support group on-line or in your state for the latest health information and to talk things over with people who understand what you are going through.


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