Chronic Illness

Lifestyle Management for those with Chronic Illness

1.   There is no shame in having a Chronic illness, and acceptance is the first step to managing your situation or to healing.  We must always accept where we are in life to move forward.  Denial keeps you trapped.

2.  At the same time, recognize who you are in Christ and don’t let your illness define you. Your illness is only part of who you are.  Live above and beyond it through your calling in life.  Do not talk incessantly about it.  If you have stress related mental illness, you are responsible to get help and not to pass it on to your children through their environment.Carry your burden well – GIVE IT TO JESUS, IT’S HEAVY.  DO NOT GIVE IT TO OTHERS TO CARRY FOR YOU, THEY DON’T NEED ANOTHER ONE.  THEY ALREADY HAVE THEIR OWN!  It’s not the restaurant’s responsibility to provide you with special food, It’s not your husband’s responsibility not to eat that sugar in front of you, It’s not the churches fault that they didn’t provide an alternative for your child’s lunch.  Let God help you do the right thing.  You are here to serve, not be served.

3.  Seek professionals to help you- PRAY and accept the lifeboats that the Lord sends you.  Make friends with your illness or condition.  It may be with you for a short time, or long term.  Seeing a counselor might make this easier for you.

4.  Make a plan for your life and how you will live the best possible life with your illness.  Look into your options for treatment.  Diet, nutrition, herbs, and supplements vs. prescription medication, or along with your prescriptions might work for you. If you take medication, make sure you are eating right, exercising and choose your medications wisely, knowing all the side effects.  Pray about which medication you should take and let the Lord lead you in your decision.  Do not let man (the Dr.) decide for you, but allow the Lord to use the Dr. to assist you in YOUR decision.  Do not put your trust in man, but in God.   People are human!

5.  Keep a positive outlook.  Always look to the future and what you are doing for others. Don’t think about what you can’t do, but what you can do.  Do whatever that is to the best of your ability!!!

6.  If you take medications, supplements/herbs or if you juice, make a list of what you take and when you need to take it and stick to this plan.  Make it work with your lifestyle.  Do not forget to take your meds or decide NOT to take them.

7.  Establish a regular routine that includes sleep, proper nutrition, taking your meds on time, exercise and your life’s work. (See establishing a Routine)

8.  Know that even if you are bed ridden that God has a plan for you and you are still a vibrant part of his plan to bring others into his kingdom.  Let the Lord guide you into the minstry He has for you and begin to embrace His plan for your life.  If one person comes to know the Lord, it was worth every struggle you have encountered along the way.

9.  Receive love, comfort and provisions from the Lord.  Maybe he will provide you with a new friend, a pet, or a counselor.  Whatever the provision, receive it with thankfulness and a joyful heart.


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