Gluten intolerance

Alternative Treatments for Gluten Intolerance:

  • The best treatment for gluten intolerance is to adhere to a “gluten free” diet.  This means to avoid any foods that contain, wheat, barley, or rye.  Sounds easy, but it gets tricky with pre-packaged foods which use wheat starches and other forms of wheat to thicken their products.  You need to know what to look for.  Click here for a detailed list of additives and other foods to avoid:
  • Step two is to take enzymes to help digest any undigested gluten particles that you might ingest even on the gluten free diet.  Make sure that the enzymes that you choose are made to digest starches.  Here is a great article about enzymes and how they work, for gluten and other foods that people find hard to digest.
  • Step three is to make sure you are getting plenty of nutrients  because many people who are gluten intolerant or have Celiac do not absorb nutrients very well.  Blood work to measure your levels is important.  (Don’t forget to test for folate.  It is very important to your mental health)
  • Step four – Begin taking whole food organic supplements in liquid form if possible.

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